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Welcome to Web Technology Engineering (WTE). By continuing to use and browse our site you understand and accept to comply with the following Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions along with our Privacy Statement govern the relationship between the visitor (“You”) and Web Tech Engineering (“WTE”, “we”, “us”).

Terms and Conditions

The content found within our website is for your general information only. We reserve the right to change it without notice.

WTE does not provide any guarantee of the accuracy or otherwise suitability of the content provided on our website for any particular use or purpose. You understand that the content found on our website may contain errors and we expressly exclude liability for any applicable inaccuracies. If you must make use of information found in our website, you understand that you may do so at your own risk and WTE will not be liable.

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We have included a number of external links to websites that we believe are related to certain topics covered throughout our website. These links are provided for your information and convenience but we do not guarantee the accuracy or otherwise suitability of information found within any of these links. We do not endorse these linked sites nor claim credit on any of their content. You may visit these sites at your own risk.

Any disputes or issues derived from your use of our website are subject to the United States and State of Texas corresponding Laws.

Visitors of our website are deemed to have understood and accepted our Terms of Use. Otherwise, WTE asks visitors who don't agree with our Terms of Use to kindly leave the site and at their discretion, to check us out from time to time for any changes that may be satisfactory to their requirements.

Questions/comments regarding our Website Terms of Use can be sent directly from our contact us page, via email at terms-of-use@webtechengineering.com or phone call at (281) 509-9341 in Houston, Texas, USA.

We hope you have a good experience while at our site and thank you for your visit !

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