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Website Visitor Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to WTE. As such, we have documented a few guidelines to explain how WTE gathers, uses and safeguards web visitors information as applicable.

Personal Information Collected Online

At this point, our website is purely for information purposes. It describes who we are and what we do. We currently do not sell products or services through the website directly and as such, we don't collect any of your personal information unless you initiate contact with us via our "contact us" page. Here visitors can submit an email message to us via our website. The form fields are your name, business name, phone number, email, cell (optional) and questions/business. This information is not kept within the website but in our company's email server. At our discretion, WTE may opt to keep or erase emails sent to us via our web.

Information Sharing

We do not share, sell, transfer, rent, lease or give away to third parties any personal information of our website visitors.

Latest Policy - Privacy Statement Updates

Any changes WTE makes to our privacy policy will be posted herein. Therefore, the very latest privacy policy is guaranteed to always be available online to our website visitors.

Information Opt-Out

We currently do not implement email listings of any sort. If we ever do, we will comply with all regulations to allow users to opt out of our email listings or otherwise.


WTE gathers information about your visit mostly through Google analytics or other web statistics tools. Stats like number of visits, geographical areas of visits, operating systems used to open our site, web browsers used when visiting our site, etc are recorded to allow us to modify our web content for a better overall visitor experience. This is a common practice in the industry and any data gathered by our stats tools cannot be traced back on an individual bases.

Visitor Inquiries

Any questions/comments regarding our privacy policy can be sent directly from our contact us page, via email at my-privacy@webtechengineering.com or phone call at (281) 509-9341 Attn Raul B. Pena in Houston, Texas, USA.

Privacy Policy Acceptance

Any users of our website are deemed to have understood and accepted our privacy policy. Otherwise, WTE asks visitors who don't agree with our privacy policy to kindly leave the site and at their discretion, to check us out from time to time for any changes that may be satisfactory to their requirements.

We hope you have a good experience while at our site and thank you for your visit !

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