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IT Helpdesk Support Services is a keystone in our business model and our commitment to Customer Service is second to none. We focus almost exclusively on providing I.T. Tech Support to small / mid-size companies in Houston, TX. that have a need for solid IT Support Services. We have a well-rounded experience in all areas of Information Technology for a small / mid-size business including Web Design and SEO, Network Support, Desktop, Server, Application Software, Computer Repair, Printer Maintenance, IT Managed Services, Remote Network Monitoring and more. As Information Technology continues to evolve at a fast pace, our mission to provide a superior level of IT Tech Support to our Houston-based clients will remain a top priority for us.

A flexible I.T. Helpdesk Support approach and a superior commitment to customer service are crucial ingredients to our success. With a well-rounded experience in all areas of Information Technology, Web Technology Engineering is your Houston IT Managed Service Provider of choice.

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Managed IT Services

Network | Website Monitoring, Server Support, Remote Helpdesk, On-Site | Depot Repairs

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Website Maintenance

Custom Web Development, Web Maintenance, Search Engine Optimization

Helpdesk Support Houston Network Support Network Maintenance


Network Troubleshooting - Server Maintenance - Phone and Onsite Tech Support

Houston Application Software Server Support

Software Support

Windows Server - Linux Support. Web, Email, Apps, Accounting, Helpdesk, Tech Support

Houston PC Computer Printer Repair Support

Field Services

PC - Computer, Laser Printer Maintenance, Preventive, Corrective Maintenance

Houston Remote Network Monitoring Support

Network Monitoring

24x7 Remote Monitoring, Auto-Notifications, Escalation Procedures, SLAs

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IT Support and Helpdesk - should I outsource IT or handle IT in-house?

It depends. Here is a little set of questions for a small business that may help with the decision. Regardless of how IT Helpdesk Support is handled, in-house or outsourced, one thing is for sure, having a reliable IT Support program in place is a must in today's business environment.

Can afford an in-house full-time IT Staff ? if yes, an in-house IT Support may or may not be for you. A full cost analysis of outsourcing vs in-sourcing is warranted and it may still may economic sense to outsource with the right IT Service Provider.

Cannot afford an IT Staff, but someone in the company is pretty good with computers? This always comes handy but in our experience, a person who is good with computers but not dedicated to I.T. full time, can normally provide a simple level of Tech support but they find themselves limited when it comes to a more in-depth need of technical expertise.

Is there a power user within the company who can troubleshoot just about any IT-related issues? Great ! the question is always, does he/she have time to do his/her day-to-day job and then provide IT Helpdesk Support to other users? More often than not, small companies are shorthanded and very busy. With the right IT Partner, outsourcing IT Support may make more sense for you.

Have been handling IT internally all along, why do I need professional Tech Support? More questions than answers come from a question like this. Do you have a firewall? is your network secure enough? are you making use of technology to increase employee productivity? do you have a website? is it getting any enough hits? how much revenue is your website generating? the list can go on. Many companies can use professional IT Support only they don't know they need it. Is your company one of these?

IT Support - IT Services - Houston

I.T. Helpdesk and Network Support Services by Web Technology Engineering

  • Windows Linux Support
  • Server-Client Apps
  • Domain Controller
  • File Print Server
  • Web Email Server
  • I.T. Support Houston
  • Open Source Software
  • Firewall
  • Backup
  • Computer PC
  • Network
  • Laser Printer
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Helpdesk
  • Tech Support
  • Web Design
  • Website Maintenance
  • IT Support Houston

Professional Information Technology Support in Houston, TX

"Raul has been tremendously helpful and responsive in making our IT infrastructure more stable and reliable; he has also put timely automation tools in place that help make us more productive".

Gary Suttles
Managing Director
Omni Data Systems