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Software Solutions Houston Windows Linux Server Solutions Applications Server Support by Web Technology Engineering

Windows and Linux Server Software | Server-Client Applications | Server Support

Web Technology Engineering supports a myriad of small-midsize business server environments including MS Windows Server and Linux Server-Client Applications. As a part of our IT Managed Services, WTE will assess your Applications Software to understand how technology fits within your business. Through process re-engineering, WTE will make recommendations on Software Applications that can automate some of your business processes. Such process automation typically translates into an increase of productivity and a reduction in operating costs. With a background in Open Source Software, WTE can help our Houston clients even on the smallest IT budget.

Application Software Solutions Houston

Applications Server - Domain Controller - Active Directory - File Print Server - VPN

WTE can support your existing Applications Server and/or help design a totally new Server environment. With MS Windows Server 2003 already phased out and MS Windows Server 2008 in full swing, we can support your MS Windows server environment and/or implement a brand new Linux applications server platform.

Many companies do things the way they have always done it without stopping to think if there is a better way to do it now. Is your company one of these ? With technology changing at a fast pace, chances are there is a way to automate things and strengthen your competitive advantage along the way !

Software Solutions Houston Server Software - Web Server - Email Server - FTP Server

Application Software Solutions - Web Server - Email Server - FTP Server

If you find that hosting your website and email through a third party web hosting provider limits your ability to fine tune server performance or even worse, deploy new web-based software applications, then in-house self hosting is for you and WTE can help. We fully support Applications such as Web Server, POP and IMAP Email Server, FTP Server, SSH and other.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software ERP

Application Software Solutions - Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Software

Many small-midsize Houston companies that could use ERP Software get by without it because they typically get put off by expensive proprietary ERP Solutions. Through an ample experience in Linux and Open Source Software, with WTE an ERP implementation cost is pretty much down to actual time spent installing the software and not costly licensing. This in itself dramatically reduces a major up-front investment which allows us to bring best-of-breed quality ERP software within your reach.

Customer Relations Management Software CRM

Application Software Solutions - Customer Relations Management CRM Software

The same can be said here. In a slow economy, Small-midsize Houston companies normally steer away from implementing a CRM tool because of prohibiting licensing costs. With Open Source CRM Software and WTE as your Houston IT Service Provider, the benefits of managing customers relationships through a CRM Application Software become a tangible reality.

Content Management Systems Software CMS

Application Software Solutions - Content Management System CMS Software

Here again Open Source CMS Software wins the licensing battle against costly proprietary CMS Software. WTE fully supports CMS Applications and can customize new CMS software to accommodate your needs for a database-driven website fed by dynamic content such as news and articles about your company and/or niche market.

Open Source Software has taken a place in the computing world as a solid, reliable and secure contender to replace costly proprietary software, especially among small-midsize companies in a slow economy. With thousands of applications available, all there is to lose is a high priced software licensing.

Web 2.0 Software - Blogs - Forums - FAQ

Web 2.0 Server Software Solutions - Blogs - Forums - FAQ - Photo Gallery - Other

By empowering your website visitors to express themselves, Web 2.0 Solutions can greatly enhance customer loyalty and increase traffic to your website. Web 2.0 Software Solutions include Blog Software, Forum Software, Photo Gallery Software, Chat Software, Frequently-Asked-Questions Software, and more.

Groupware - Intranet - Web Calendar

Collaboration Tools Software - Groupware - Web Calendar - Intranet Software

More and more companies are making use of available online technology to increase employee productivity and overall customer service. Collaboration Tools Software such as Groupware includes a Web Calendar, shared to-do tasks, single repository of customer information and knowledge base, shared project management software, shared email, and beyond. WTE as your Software Solutions Provider of choice can help you design the right tool for the job.

Software Network Security Backups

Applications Software - Network Security - Firewall - Backups - LAN Monitoring

With customer and employee privacy information and your company's historical records at stake, WTE can help you secure your network by deploying best-of-breed software applications such as firewall software, Intrusion Detection Software, backup software, LAN Monitoring Software, etc.

Supported Application Software Solutions Houston by Web Technology Engineering

  • Windows Server
  • Linux Server
  • Server-Client Applications
  • Server Support
  • Domain Controller
  • Active Directory
  • File and Print Server
  • Web Server Software
  • Email Server
  • FTP Server
  • ERP Solutions
  • CRM System
  • Open Source Software
  • CMS Applications
  • Blog
  • Forum
  • FAQ
  • Photo Gallery
  • Groupware Systems
  • Firewall Appliances
  • Backup Tools
  • Network Security
  • Operating Systems
  • Accounting Packages
  • Point-of-Sale

Open Source Software

WTE places special emphasis in services around Open Source Software and the LAMP stack which stands for Linux, Apache, MysQL, PHP-Perl-Python. Some of the advantages of Open Source versus Proprietary are the obvious licensing related issues with most Open Sources software not requiring a paid license. But it doesn't stop there, scalability, reliability, security, flexibility are all attributes of the LAMP stack. With Open Source, Web Technology Engineering is able to support our clients even on the smallest IT budget.